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Metro Medical Training Center

  • Lillian London, LPN

    Founder – Metro Medical Training Center

    Mrs. London began her LPN/Dialysis nursing career 20 years ago, having trained at Sheridan Vocational School in Fort Lauderdale, in South Florida. Mrs. London moved to the Atlanta area after transferring to a local dialysis clinic in 1999. While working in a hospital, she ran across a disturbing number of nurses who were ill-trained and unprepared to serve. “Here at Metro Medical Training Center, we teach our students to channel their passion for growth into a rewarding career. Our philosophy & Values are Compassion, Commitment, Conviction and Community. Through comprehensive and hands-on healthcare courses, we arm our students with the knowledge and confidence to pursue promising opportunities immediately. Often praised for their preparedness and professionalism, Metro MTC graduates are well-received in the healthcare community. We pride ourselves on a supportive environment that encourages success for all our students. We continue to strive to be an admired and sought-after provider of exceptional healthcare professionals. We achieve this by adhering to the highest standards of quality in our learning programs, our relationships and in the day-to-day operations of the school.